AMG Vanadium's operations, our personnel, and the very nature of our products and services have a proven track record of environmental stewardship. We are a partner to North America's metals and refinery industries, offering an environmentally responsible "full-circle" solution that promotes the intelligent use and conservation of natural resources.  AMG Vanadium is committed to continued environmental improvement.

Raw materials are safely warehoused in our enclosed storage facility. Metal-bearing raw materials - including fly ash and virtually all types of hydroprocessing catalysts - are processed directly into finished alloying products. This eliminates the environmental risks associated with land disposal. For spent catalysts in particular, this permanent disposition is much safer than landfill solutions.

Both our disposition of spent refinery catalysts for the refinery industry and our production of quality vanadium-based alloying products for the steel industry are designed around tightly controlled and streamlined material-handling protocols.

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